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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Police State

On October 22nd, a Saturday afternoon, a 16 year old boy was arrested for protesting against his government.

The as of yet unidentified victim of the system was taken into police custody after standing on a street corner with a sign that said "Fuck Bush." The peaceful demonstration was interrupted when five squad cars pulled into the scene, claiming that the boy had to remove the sign and show ID. After carefully scanning through the laws, trying to pick one out to use, the pigs, already having checked the boys ID, took him into custody, which enticed a large, deserved protest from the others in his group. Ignoring the crowd, the constitution, morals, and the true American way, the officers took the boy away, on a charge of obscenity and obstructing traffic (even though he was on the sidewalk, so maybe they meant "obstructing drunk driving traffic").

Here is a video of the outrage.

Ok, so now that I've given you the full story, let me take the time to say: Fuck Bush, fuck those pigs, and fuck the current American imperialist, oppressive regime that feels the need to make it self seem omnipotent. There is a cornucopia of culture encroachment as it is, we don't need to invade other nations to show more of it.


Sorry about that, but I had to let it out. Now, back to a calmer look at this: this is another brick in the wall, basically. It's another example of how the American goverment is further taking away our rights using bullshit excuses. I know it's getting repetive, but people really should start being more aggressive. I know peace is the main goal here, but sometimes, violence may be needed. ONLY, however, when it is for your freedom. Violence is not the answer, though, when you want to use an innocent country as a scapegoat.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Supreme Court Cronyism Pt. 2

As many of you have surely heard by now, Harriet Miers pulled out of the Supreme Court nomination. Bush commented that she was "treated unfairly." He's right though, those people shouldn't have questioned his choice and just bowed down to his decision. Why, just like a dictatorship! Oh wait, that's anti-American.

Anyways, CNN reported that Bush had a list of several other people and he would pick someone off of there to nominate into Miers role. Here's the kicker, though: he said Miers was the most qualified person on this list. So, I'm guessing that the list includes:

  • That hobo with the Spider-man tee shirt in San Fransisco.
  • That dead hooker from George's college days.
  • Mike Brown.
  • Someone from the Saudi Family.
  • A life size cutout of the Dukes of Hazzard.
  • Aquaman.

Oh my, America's future is gleaming! Sheild your eyes!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Who Are You?

There's two things that bother me about Miss Harriet Miers.

1.) Most sensible human beings would like to know that the people deciding major cases in this country are being decided by people who are fair and balanced (No, not Fox Conservative News, you asshats) and not being ruled by Governor of the Texas State Lottery. Yes, take a moment to read back over that, because you have just read up on the majority of Harriet Miers's credentials. Congratulations, folks. I guess, seeing as the example Fuhrer Bush has set, you are now eligible for the Supreme Court!

But really, this country needs laws decided by people who don't worship at the filthy feet of George Bush. Which brings me to point numero dos! Ole!

2.) Harriet Miers thinks George Bush is the most brilliant person on earth.


Yes, let that soak in for a moment. I was shocked too when I learned that people actually think this man could tie his own goddamn shoes. Seriously, do you want someone in charge of deciding powerful social cases who thinks George Bush is brilliant? I mean, my god, is this woman fucking retarded or just ignorant? This is the exact reason why I'm pro-choice.

But I'm noticing a trend. Harriet Miers. Mike Brown. God knows who else, but all of these people were given important jobs almost as some kind of payoff from Bush. You know, like when you ask a friend to help with your campaign, then you repay them by giving them a high paying, cozy job as something pointless, not the US Supreme Court. I think George Bush needs to take Bill Maher's advice and widen his circle of friends before he picks anymore people to fill in major positions.

Is it just me or does she remind you all of that scene from Dawn of the Dead 2004 when the fat lady zombie tries to kill Sarah Polley's character. Not trying to rip on Bill Maher, but new rule: No more creepy, fucked up politicians.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Things Have Changed

As some of you may know (or anyone who reads the political articles in Rolling Stone) the great Anti-War movement seems to be breaking into two. It's splitting off into different groups of people who want different things done about the war.

Group 1: The Moderate Democrat Group, just wants the troops out. This is the typical, "Veterans Against War," angry soccer mom stance. This is also the people who have children/spouses etc. Serving in the Middle East. They only want the troops out of Iraq and safe. They know that a war on terror can't be won, and some even acknowledge that Iraq never did shit to us.

Group 2: The Radical group, as I've dubbed my home dawgs (just a little joke with the black 'cent) want more than out. They are more for Bush being indicted and removed from power. They are for civilian uprising in Iraq/America. They are against this imperialism that is being wrought on the rest of the world. I don't blame them.

Now, if you would have asked me two or three months ago, where I stood on the whole issue, I would say Group 1. But now... I honesty don't know. I find myself wanting to keep the peace. You know, pull the troops out, drop Aid Workers in, something along those lines. But other times, I just wish the Iraqis would rise up in revolt and so would the citizens of the United States. I'm against violence, but I'm thinking it might be necessary if we want change in our government. Maybe the only way to accomplish these things is of all of us to join together, arm ourselves and start bombing mansions and anything else that symbolize American pig-corporatism.

Maybe I need to sleep on it. I think I will.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

They're Trying to Build A Prison...

Proving once again that America is number one in hypocrisy, new prisoner abuse allegations are coming up in the media. Abu Ghraib, however, is not the setting for these horrendous events. Instead, it is the direct fault of the 82nd Airborne Division. Yes, the famed red blooded American group of strapping young racists and homophobes (the American way, by golly) has apparently been beating and humiliating Iraqi prisoners at a Fallujah camp.

Now, having talked this over with my ultra-conservative father, he tends to lean towards the fact that we aren’t killing them, so letting them live and suffer through pain is much worse than killing them and freeing them of all pain. Yeah, that sounds screwy, I know.

“Boyce says there have been 400 investigations into abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan, resulting in 230 courts-martial, nonjudicial punishments or other actions.” -Newsweek

And about right now, people come bursting through my window and beat me down, claiming America is filled with hard working, middle class, god fearing people who would never hit a Muslim, unless they disrespected the flag, which god knows is a crime, because our flag is the most important piece of cloth out there.

Sorry, off topic, but I was just in a ranting mood.