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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I have yet to meet one person who doesn't think that the Pope has it out for him when he goes to Turkey this month. After his comments regarding Islamic scripture, the entire fundamentalist community has it out for the man. However, if such an attack were to be pulled off (sucessfully), I'm pretty sure we could expect to see large tides of people (Latin America/South Amercia in general due to high concentrations of Catholics) turn against Muslims on a large scale. So, really, an attack on the Pope has it's good sides and down sides:
  • A successful attack could cause world wide anti-Muslim sentiments resulting in possible violence.
  • A successful attack would rid us of one more authoritarian religious bafoon.
While I'm not pushing for violence against the Pope, my feelings towards religious leaders aren't that high. In all though, the Islamic community shouldn't risk the Islamophobia that will surely follow, world-wide. People don't seem to comprehend that an act pulled off by a group of extremists doesn't and shouldn't speak for everyone of that faith.


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