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Thursday, December 29, 2005

2006: Christianity or Death!

According to the good, family oriented, fear based, overweight members of American Family Association were nice enough to give me a prediction for 2006. Here's what are friends have to say:

"2006 is going to be an amazingly exciting year. We’re going to see victory after victory after victory, state to state to state on many state marriage amendments just like we saw in the year 2004." -AFA Site

Awesome! By 2007, we'll have stopped those damn faggots from marrying the ones they love! We'll make sure that women's bodies are controlled by the government! Muslim, Jewish, Pagan, and any children that aren't Christian will pay the price in our new Christianized public schools! The government will be there to make sure musicians, journalist and artist don't mention anything that is a threat to American security (like prison torture, police brutality, and other atrocities)! Damn, America has a great future!

“It’s a very good possibility that in this coming year people will begin to realize what’s really driving the homosexual agenda, what they really want, and will begin to get involved.” -AFA Site

You know, it would be easier if you nazi's just called it quiet genocide.

"Other issues likely to be on the nation’s collective mind include the cloning and stem cell debate, and a possible rollback on marriage in Massachusetts . " -AFA Net

Here's where it gets me: Why is Stem Cell Research a threat? Ok, so you're against abortion and stem cell's are aborted fetuses. BUT, these fetuses are going to be discarded so why not use them to cure serious and terminal illness. But no, let's throw them away because Pat Robertson says it's wrong in "God's eyes."

No, 2006 is going to be the year of freedom, not fascism.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Apparently, it's now the US vs. God

Wow, the AFA has so much fun to offer! I just can't stop looking at this site. I love reading their ignorant, hick-ass articles. Seriously, people, go read their site, it's like George Bush's blog, except much better grammatically. In fact, one part of their site is dedicated to the the "Homosexual Agenda," or how the gays are destroying our oh-so pure country.

"I was watching CNN as they were broadcasting live the "festivities and ceremonies of history in the making" in Cambridge, MA where "gay" marriage licenses were first issued. To think it was only centuries ago where our great nation began when the pilgrims first landed in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Now, Massachusetts will be the place where it tragically all ends." -AFA site

Yes, that's right. America's downfall won't come from the people we've pissed off and robbed. It won't come from the global warming we are ignoring. It won't come, even, from scary, religious extremist nuts like these people. No, the end of America will come by people who love each other and want to marry.

Let me be blunt: I hope the makers of this website and anyone who believe this way burns in hell. Seriously, you ignorant pieces of trash, read your own goddamn Bible for once and see that Jesus taught tolerance. I know it's hard for you to tolerate two guys kissing, because deep down, it sexually troubles you, but just make some worth out of your seemingly vapid life and try to understand. They can't help it. Do you think they would choose to be gay in a world dominated by sick hilljacks like you? It's people like you that give America a worse name.

"'D' Day is what many are calling it -- "Destruction of Marriage Day." Yet it's so much more. America has arrogantly declared war against the God of all creation and I'm sure it will draw a quick and appropriate heavenly response." - AFA Site

Of course. This is what sets god off. Not the thousands of Muslims you've killed during the Crusades (Thou Shalt Not Kill), not the millions you've said were going to hell for being different (Do not judge, lest ye be judged), or the abortion clinics you have bombed (back to the "not kill"). No, it's men and women marrying. HOW EVIL!

Jesus would be ashamed, you tools...

I decided to turn my search for political news to somewhere new. So, I jumped the tracks and decided to look at things from the Nazi standpoint. Case in point: The American Family Association, a group of ultra-conservative hicks who claim to be "restoring American families" by promoting racism, sexism, and good ol' fashion patriotic extremism. Yee haw!

In my quest around the site, I found this article about a Southern, whitebred, redneck town that decided it was going to combat those evil, satanic, souless, bloodsucking, sodomizing, "Happy Holiday" say-ers by having one big Christian themed Christmas parade. Oh wow, that'll show'em!

"We are planning to make the whole event -- the parade and the festival -- a religious theme," said the town clerk Alice Carlisle. "Our theme will be the Nativity, and we are asking all businesses to fill this town up with Nativity scenes."

I know, I know, why didn't she just say: "ALL YOU DIRTY JEWS AND MUSLIMS AND CATHOLICS BETTER BOW TO OUR GOD OR BE SMITED! BWAHAHA!" She was thinking it, I swear.
"With threats of law suits by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other atheist groups, retailers, schools, and town officials across the country have become increasingly afraid to use Christian decorations, religious carols, and Christian themes for their parades, plays, and public decor." -AFA site

Any group who is against a theocratic regime is athiest and therefore bad.

Schools and retailers aren't trying to take God away from the people who want to believe in it, instead their just coming out and saying "Hey, we don't know if you're Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or what, so we're going to try and accomodate it all by saying "Happy Holidays." How hard is that to get?

If I were sitting in my school's auditorium and they started preaching the word of "god," they wouldn't change that for me so I wouldn't be offened. However, if a Muslim came up and started talking about his beliiefs, no preaching, just talking, it would take only one Christian martyr to set the AFA on their heels and ready to put the "Jesus" back in "state funded schools."

"But under pressure from consumers and Christian advocacy groups like the American Family Association and Focus on the Family, as well as repeated coverage of the issue by commentator Bill O'Reilly of Fox News Channel's O'Reilly Factor, some retailers have since altered those decisions. Wal-Mart opted to return to using "Merry Christmas" as a greeting, and others may be following suit." - AFA

Keep in mind, people, Bill O'Liar is like second to god to them. Who cares that he makes up statistics and refuses to debate maturely, he's a messenger of the truth and splotchy faces! (I <3 Al Franken)

It's too bad Wal-Mart is opting to bow to the hellspawn's. Oh well, all's well that end's with a carbomb.

"We want everyone in town to take part in this," Carlisle said. "That's why we are letting them know now, so everyone will have their Nativities ready by next December." - AFA Site

And if not, YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Happy Holidays, you're existence was pointless.

I was scanning our town's lack luster newspaper the other day when I stumbled upon an article that resembled one Bill O'Liar Riley had written earlier in the week. It was an opinion piece written by an angered and bored man who was outraged that Wal Mart and other corporations were saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." On the net, I found several more of these despondent people.

These people were actually flipping out about this. They were all up in arms because they heard "Happy Holidays!" instead of "Merry Christmas!" How vapid do your lives have to be? If you sit around and get pissed about THAT then you have no point in existing. Honestly, people, grow the fuck up.

Taking to the internet, I found that Wal Mart and other capitalist pigs were saying this because they didn't want to offend Jews by saying Merry Christmas, Christians by saying Happy Hanukkah, or anyone else who would waste their time bitching about it. Now, what pisses me off about this is that if Wal Mart said Merry Christmas and the Jewish community bitched, it wouldn't be a concern, but if they said Happy Hanukkah, everyone would be on that shit, getting it removed. People are entirely too obsessed.

Aren't Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas pretty synonymous? To worry over something that small and miniscule is just pathetic. By complaining over the verbose of a greeting, you destroy the spirit of what you're arguing for. So people, please, for this Christmas, just shut the hell up.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Alright, so I've had a lot of things on my mind recently, politically/socially at least, and I feel the need to vent some of that.

Ok... the more I think about it, voting seems really fucking pointless. Considering that the person who WON THE ELECTION in 2000 didn't end up as President, I think it's kind of sickening. Plus, the realization's dawning that our votes don't matter. C'mon kids, the elections are decided by the people with the money. Seriously, they buy the politicians, they buy the campaigns, they buy the votes. It's pathetic. The rich are getting away with these huge crimes just because they own the politicians and the law enforcement. It's basically like privatized government agencies, but all under the same domain.

What also sickens me is that fucks like Peter Jackson can blow $8 million dollars on a movie, yet there's people starving on the streets. Why doesn't he give 1 million of that to a charity or homeless shelter? Oh yes, because middle America needs it's big ass monkeys (Bush isn't enough) to watch on screen for seven bucks.

Also, why do you have to be 17 to see a Rated R movie, but only 16 to drive a machine that can kill dozens of people? Seems a little odd, huh? Plus, you can be 21 and drink a substance that has the potential to make you very violent and unpredictable, but you can't legally smoke a plant that's proven to relax nerves and aggression. In fact, the government's current war on weed is almost as big as the war on terror.

Considering the war on terror is being faught to read the world of people who are dangerous and a hazard to world safety, then why is the US the number one selling country of weapons to countries with opressive government and terrorists connections. So, if you traced it back, all of this has been our fault

Ok, that was random, but I'm done for now.

Cutting and Running

So, the question constantly being posed to our brain dead President is this: Why can't we pull out of Iraq? The answer is usually a promise of horrible bloodshed, widespread chaos, and other horrible things (which is odd considering Bush doesn't give a flying fuck about Iraqis). But, in the link I've provided you with above, it helps to dispell some of these false notions. Here's a few:

  • Sunnis, Shi'ites, and Kurds will decimate Iraq from battle is a huge, huge, huge excuse that ol' Bushy likes to pull out. Unfortunately, this has proven false because these groups would have fewer reasons to fight if the American oppression was gone. The reason we're seeing so many car bombings and the sort is because a.) they are punishing people for cooperating with the Americans and b.) they are getting revenge for having their homes destroyed or families lost during the invasion.
  • Another faulty excuse for cutting and running is that the insurgency will grow larger against the US. Wrong. The insurgents are fighting us for revenge and once we're gone, they'll have their country back, so the need for fighting will be gone.

Those are just two. The site I linked you too has much more.