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Friday, October 27, 2006

What Size Would You Like Your Government?

Conservatives hate big government.

I've been fed that since the moment my political awareness came to be. Growing up in a red state, with a red family and a red town, I always had the idea that Conservatives like small government and Liberals want big government. After awhile though, I had trouble with that theory.

Being young, my questions were quite straight forward. If conservatives want a small government, do they think it should be able to control womens' bodies? If conservatives want a government that doesn't interfere, do they think it has the power to tell you who you can or can't marry? If conservatives want a government that leaves the economy alone, do they think it should give corporate handouts? If conservatives want a government that stays out of people's lives, do they think it should be able to spy and listen to all of our calls? In truth, conservatives want a large government, one that can push it's religious, imperical, capitalist and racist views on anyone.

I just wish that people would understand that this is not what they want or need.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Manifesto Of The Revolutionary Left

The following is a manifesto of beliefs and tactics for the Revolution of the working people. It's only goal is to seek to free the proletariat from the chains of capitalism and oppression. The Revolutionary Left stands for the rights of all people. It stands for feminism, internationalism, socialism, and the advancement of humanity in freedom and thought. It stands for the abolishment of religious governments and instead works for a separation, so that humanity can be free to worship without the interference of state religion. Standing for the abolishment of capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia, and borders, the Revolutionary Left seeks equality, freedom, and socialism.
Part One
The State of the International

The United States of America does not make up one twentieth of this entire planet. In terms of size, one of it's detached states remains almost the same size as the forty-eight others that make up this land mass. However, in the category of power, influence and dominance, it's metaphysical size is larger than that of Russia, China, Australia and all of South America combined. It's influence is felt in every nation, in every Congress, in every Parliament, in every palace, and on every TV set. It's foreign relations are the make or break keys to almost any situation.

America, as a political power, stands with other nations in an unspoken coalition. These nations have dropped out over time, due to political, social, religious, economic, or moral differences. Great Britain and Israel still remain America's strongest allies, despite controversial movements the behemoth has made in lieu of world affairs. It's acts and decisions have reverberated throughout the entire world. When America began to wage it's "War on Terror" against the starving nations of the Middle East and against the Islamic citizens of the world, Spain, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, France, and Russia suffered terrorism related attacks on their people and their sense of security. The nations slacking view on torture and upholding decade old world laws regarding warfare have caused anti-American sentiments to rise in the world. Burning of the American flag, a free speech practice condemned in the nation itself, has become a popular protest action world round.

The backlash of American occupations in the Middle East hasn't been the only guise under which insurgencies may occur. Alignment with Israel in foreign dealings with Arab nations has helped to rally Islamic support against the United States. In most cases, any nation spied doing trade, arms dealing, or economic work with Israel is seen as a traitor to the Arab people. While this sometimes myopic world view can be detrimental to a peace plan, the Zionist regime and occupational movement in Israel is a known and recognized threat to the Revolutionary Leftist movement. Palestinian and Lebanese peasants' working rights, along with basic human rights, are regularly trampled by the Israeli power. Outcries against the authority have been met with equally loud cries about the Holocaust. While Germany and Palestine sit over 3,000 kilometers apart from each others, the actions of one nation are still echoed against the other.

World wide, this state of matters repeats itself. In the growing leftist movement of South America, leaders face fears of U.S. retaliation because they have nationalized their oil industry, their health care, or their education, an idea that is threatening to conservative business interest. Rebellion against U.S. trade rules carries heavy consequences. Slander of the American or Israeli regimes can bring about the charge of terrorism or anti-Americanism. Criticizing this world power and it's European/Israeli allies can lead to the worst situations, from economic sanctions to possible invasions in the name of "liberation."

Inside however, the American people are sessile to their space by the tentacles of corporate and government power. Common action against the government has been replaced with reform and seasonal voting. The once popular forum like governments of the past have been replaced with the bi-partisanship of a two-party system. These two parties, while standoffishly different are inherently the same.

The Republican Party is a right wing group aimed at "traditional values." Hiding under the veil of a religion gone awry, this conservative party uses corporate connections to slash workers' rights and benefits, in the name of economic protection, while furthering the rich in their stage of tax exemption. They cease to abolish the rights of all non-straight, non-Christians, and women, ceaselessly calling for more biblical based laws to protect the common family. While ignoring the Bible's views on immigration, prisons and the poor, the Republicans continue to espouse hatred and intolerance.

On the moderate left side of the spectrum, the Democratic Party rests. A former leftist policy, it's shameful leaders have moved to the center to pick up votes, the dirty money of Washington. Looked at as the vehicle for the working class, the Democratic Party stands hypocritically, fumbling rich and powerful candidates who swing to the right on immigration, women's rights and other subjects all in an effort to swing a candidacy, instead of educating the masses. This disgrace to the left seeks only to further their slightly nicer version of capitalism.

Tossing away all third parties, these two giants battle it out in the corporate news, each acting as if their opinions differed from the others. In the end, only the proletariat stand to lose from their two party dictatorship.

The practice of reform through a seasonal ballot has become one of the only accepted change-ways in America, giving birth a lazy class of people. While a mass percentage do not vote out of lack of caring, another large percentage simply votes for the candidates in their adopted party. This idea is foolish and an example of how the bi-partisanship is tearing true reform asunder. A truely democratic nation, when facing fear of a fascist dictatorship or at the least, a dangerous administration, must not wait for reform and vote, but remove those in power by force.

Because of this, the people of the world must become their own political party. Better yet, they must raise themselves above that quota and become a sheer force for change, a deity in their own right. By doing so, their direct action can bring about immediate change of the way things work, as well as bringing the people to power and setting up a true government of the people. Those who truely dedicate themselves to this idea and are willing to give up selfishness and individualism for the good of the proletariat must step forward and form vanguards, to further the workers' struggle. However, the Western nations are well experienced in starting revolutions, but not for the right people.

This practice is being force fed world wound. More and more countries are being militantly turned over to a more American termed republic. Democratic nations of the past have lost their stronghold and new trade minded countries have only taken on the next to last stepping stone to becoming nothing but large monopolies. This practice can only be reversed by the direct action and retaliation of the common people. It is the sole responsibility of mankind to better its' living conditions.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

On violence as a means to power.

In my adopted hometown, there were anti-choice protestors outside our county courthouse, protesting against women's rights of course. The more I thought about it, I began analyzing the types of protesting. Some anti-choice people are more prone to go out and actually adopt unwanted children instead of just bitching (a practice I have more respect for than the usual sexists). Others, the hypocrites, will drive car bombs into abortion clinics, killing doctors, pregnant women, and their fetuses, all in the name of stopping abortion. I don't make sense of it, but I'm not trying to.

What I'm more looking at, is the lack of those on the left and those in the labour unions to use violence as a means of change. While an anti-violent stance is considered the basis of educational programs in modern day America, look at our military and the relentless wars it wages on other nations, sometimes for no reason at all. Is violence really that looked down upon? Yes and no.

Violence, throughout it's historical and permanent existence, has managed to bring to power almost everyone. The Bolsheviki, the Iranian Revolution, Chavez's presidency, the Cuban Revolution were all won through violence. This isn't senseless violence and the pillage of women and children, but rather the removal of the fascists who's positions of power hold that majoriy back. When one aristocratic regime holds back the people of the nation from getting bread and peace, civil war must be fought to fix this problem.

It can be as simple as taking over a palace or as grand as rallying the workers into a large guerilla unit, capable of forcing down the oppressors. However, what we must look at now, is America and it's type of situation and point in history.

The American people are generally peaceful, not by morals, but by laziness. The politicians above us have made us weak by limiting our power to reform and voting during the seasons. Corporate tentacles, with their hydra like abilities, have managed to make many of us fat and unhealthy, addicted to their constant stream of slaughtered animal and nicotine hits. Those of us that are willing to fight are fought and piled on with laws and restrictions, making the possibilities of a strike so limited and hard to pull of that a police state is almost in place.

On May 1 of 2006, the immigrants, legal and "illegal" of America, came together to demand workers' rights. While their turnout was impressive, inspiring and wonderful to see, it could have turned out much better. With the allying of the American proletariat to that of the South American proletariat, an international rebellion horn could have been sounded on that day, sending the common man to the streets in unison, gun, knife, brick, stick, hammer, or whatever in hand, ready to fight the fascists. Again though, we see the American public subdued by an unwillingness to be aggressive in change.

In a utopian scenario, one can see the United State aristocracy slashing workers' rights like usual, only to be met with the proletariat in the streets, demanding change. No petitions, no week long protests. No bitching Congress. Just a simple demand of change. While the chances of this change being met are slim, an option B stands up in the foglight. Sudden and random outburts from the men and women of middle and lower America. Nation wide strikes. Corporate headquarters being burned. Gunfights with the authorities, that have some of their own, fleeing to join their working comrades in battle. With change still nowhere in site, the revolutionaries storm Congress, dissolving it and sitting in on their own decisions.

Will it ever go like this? If I have it my way, in my lifetime, people will start to change their ways of viewing things. Why not? "The proletariat have nothing to lose but their chains." -Karl Marx