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Friday, April 14, 2006

Make War

Six retired U.S. military generals, three of whom served in Iraq, have all stepped out and asked for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld.

That warm, cozy feeling hasn't stopped but it's being dampened by the fact that the White House, in all it's democratic beliefs, refuses to listen. I can see why though. It's not like these generals know anything about the war. They've accused Donny R. of micro-management and carelessness but obviously, Rumsfeld knows more about the war in Iraq than them. It's not like he served there, but he's got a nice degree in political science so that counts, right?

Wrong. If you're going to run an illegal imperialism and not listen to public views on the issue, then at least do one thing right and let generals run the war, not politicians. That's just suicide, publically and strategically.

Remove Donald Rumsfeld from office. In fact, impeach the whole White House staff and have them tried for crimes against humanity.

If some politician doesn't do it, we will.


As you can tell by the link I've supplied you with, American neo-fascists, like the FCC, are censoring us more than ever. So, when thinking what to write about in this post, I kept the new censorship thing in mind and decided to go with this:

Fuck you, Corporate America. You're going to lose your war and someday, all the people under you will rise up and burn down your mansion, rob your family and redistribute your wealth fairly. Don't like it? Try and get your buddies in the White House to prevent it. But don't worry, we'll attack them first.

Yes, I did say "attack" and "White House" in the same sentence in that context. If you have problem with it, kiss my First Amendment loving ass.