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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Venezuelan-Iranian Alliance

What do you get when you cross a religious state with one of the best modern socialist beacon nations in the world? Confusion. Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez has publically declared that he has a full fledged alliance with Iran in the event of an American strike. "Iran is under threat; there are plans to invade Iran. Hopefully it won't happen, but we are with you," Chavez told Ahmadinejad.

Being the Venezuela supporter that I am, the grouping with Iran made me curious. Being a Muslim state, I am against Iran, just like I am a Jewish (Israel) or Catholic (Vatican) state. However, their self-determination and will to build their own nuclear weapons is inspiring. The idea of nukes isn't very comforting but when put in comparison to the billions spent of weapons in our nation, I can't help but see why others would arm themselves. When the schoolyard bully gets a slingshot, everyone else starts looking for some rocks. However, my support for Iran is still on the line. Future actions will have to be the true decider.

That being said, I still stand in solidarity with Chavez and his decision. While Venezuela and Iran might not be able to withstand a US attack, hopefully, other countries will wake up and take the reigns, and if not them, then maybe the people of the world will act without government for once. Maybe.